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Catalog, track, and maintain your organisation’s technology assets with ENbridge.

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Collecting inventory data and tracking contract statuses throughout the lifecycle of an asset is critical. Capturing your asset data in one location enables better IT asset management and tracking of hardware, software, licenses, ticket history, and even non-IT assets.

ENbridge offers fully integrated IT asset management using powerful tools and capabilities. Track your organisation’s hardware and software inventory, including computers, servers, laptops, mobile devices, networking equipment, and virtually any other technology asset.

Physical IT Audits

Physical IT Audits | Decommission Services | Provisioning of New Hardware

Services include testing, asset tagging, asset audits, software application packaging, loading of SOE images, configuration, onsite deployment, retiring and disposing, processing, and tracking and reporting of provisioned or existing stock and ongoing support.



Management of stock of in ENbridge’s warehouses across Australia, working with the service desk to provide swap outs, logistics/shipment/pickup, processing, tracking and reporting, roll outs of upgraded equipment including imaging/staging and logistics, decommissioning, secure data wipe and disposal and destruction.

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