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In 2010, Northbridge, the sister company of ENbridge was born.

Shane Garvin the founder, being a geek at heart, decided the  “Northbridge” motherboard chip, which manages communication and is responsible for tasks requiring the highest performance, fit his vision.  His vision was workforce solutions in Australia needing to improve in areas of communication, collaboration, and connection.

Operating under this vision, Northbridge, over the last 10 years, built strong relationships and trust with its loyal clients. These strong relationships resulting in Northbridge’s clients wanting to expand their partnership into IT services under the same values of communication, collaboration, and connection.

In order to cater for this demand, a separate business seemed to be the most natural progression and then in 2020, ENbridge IT Services was born.

our values

pride & care

Our culture as an organisation is rooted in Pride and Care. We take pride in the work we do. It speaks for our commitment towards service excellence. We care as much as we serve. We give utmost value to a collaborative partnership more than business.

At ENbridge we do not compromise on service quality, as service quality underlines our partnerships with our clients. We not only work with our clients to provide the desired quality; we seek to go above and beyond to provide value adds. We see our clients as our partners and ourselves as an extension of our clients. We aim to provide a united front with our clients and a give and take relationship, seeking to achieve each of the others’ goals. This includes open and honest dialogue in solutioning a tender response or reaching out to each other when we hit hurdles.

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